gemologistIf you have a piece of Jewelry or a Diamond and would like to have it inspected for Authenticity And Value we suggest you get you your item Certified or Appraised. You will be able to make an educated decision after you have all the facts about your item. We also suggest you get an Appraisal after you have purchased an Item from a store or on-line just to make sure all the facts are reasonable and for your peace of mind. In order to assure you a get a Fair and Honest Evaluation we suggest you get your item Inspected by:

  • A Professional and Knowledgeable Laboratory.
  • A Non-Bias third party Laboratory (Never go to store to have your Jewelry Evaluated)
  • A Laboratory that does not charge more to evaluate your jewelry for more.
  • A Laboratory that has nothing to Gain for down grading your product or a product that that you purchased for self Gain.
  • A Laboratory that has Experience and Knowledge to Identify the Quality and Value of each Item.