Tips on Diamonds

gemologistYou may experience uncertainty when purchasing or selling your Jewelry or Diamonds. We suggest you evaluate the jewelry you have just purchased from a store or on-line to make sure they have fairly portrait the merchandise. Before you sell your Diamond or Jewelry we suggest you get it evaluated for Quality and Value so that you can get maximum value for your item. Here are some tips before you buy or sell Diamonds and Jewelry:

  • Buy from a reputable jeweler. Always check their feedbacks and BBB for their track Record.
  • Buy a Diamond that has a third party Certification for Authenticity and Quality Control.
  • Always get your items checked after Purchase with a Respectable Laboratory for Accuracy.
  • Always have your items Appraised and Certified before you sell them.
  • Never go to a Store to evaluate an Item you bought On-Line or at another Store. A third party Laboratory is the only place you can get a non-bias opinion.
  • Make sure the company you buy from has a money back guarantee and a full satisfaction guarantee.
  • Buying On-Line is just as secure or if not more secure than buying from a Store. Always pay with Pay-Pal or a Major Credit Card so that your purchase is Secure and Safe.
  • Always store your Certification and Appraisal in a safe place.